Project Peacefulgame has a few easter eggs here and there, see what you can do to find them!

General tipsEdit

Look around in forests and other areas, go off the path now and then.  The easter egg locations will not be marked in any obvious way, just try looking around!

Easter eggs will usually be small hidden things that the developers were joking around about and later decided to add as a easter egg.

Easter egg typesEdit

  1. Places - Places in the world that are little easter eggs.  E.G, Crux's Tower, M.E.C.S. Corp, etc.
  2. Items - Items that can be found that are easter eggs.  E.G, broken portal gun, giant egg named "Easter Egg", etc.
  3. Creatures - Creatures that spawn rarely that are easter eggs.  E.G, The Screecher, a Creeper, etc.

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