This is a list of the maps in Peacefulgame that have been made so far.

Original mapEdit

The original Peacefulgame map was always night, and was a strange forest with lots of big log camps.

There was a dungeon with items in it that couldn't be picked up.
Project Peacefulgame Development Preview Version 015:21

Project Peacefulgame Development Preview Version 0.010-0

An example of the original peacefulgame map.

Huge mapEdit

This was the second map, with fancier trees that waved in the wind and the first map to have a day/night cycle added to it.  This was by far the biggest map, coming in at a 2000x2000 terrain object, and it had multiple Mushroom Villages in it, as well as a big fort and a massive mountain.

The OceanEdit

This is the 3rd peacefulgame map, it lacks the fancy trees and mountain, but is a little chain of simple islands in a slightly buggy ocean.  This was the 3rd map to be made, and was also the first map where building was experimented with.

Project Peacefulgame Development Preview Version 015:19

Project Peacefulgame Development Preview Version 0.030

The Valley Edit

This is one of the current, most up-to-date map, containing a lake, and is set in a small valley with a decently sized forest, a large flatland for building, and mushrooms scattered about.

The latest preview video was done on this map.
Project Peacefulgame Development Preview Version 015:03

Project Peacefulgame Development Preview Version 0.050

Flameflake Lake Edit

The most recent "normal" map, taking place in a large valley. Trees are scattered sparsely about the map, and there are a few Mushroom Villages. This is the first map where a proper "inventory" was seen, as while this map was being developed, the logs-required-to-build and chopping trees system was added.

Biorooms Edit

The latest map, featuring 4 large stone/metal rooms connected by long, dark tunnels. This is based off CliffracerX's Garry's Mod map Biorooms. This map features a normal room (some trees, mushrooms, and a mushroom house that you spawn at), a forest room with tons of trees and a Beta Key, a empty plains room to build in, and a water-y lake room.

Hillscape Edit

The true latest map, this is what all development will be done for from now on.

It features a Voxel-based terrain system allowing us to make mountains, caves, and all sorts of interesting things. It's still heavily in development and not quite ready to be seen in public, but it's where all the new features have been seen for the most part.

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